Excel Envirometal Services - sponsor date 16th May

The company has over 45 years experience in the pest control industry with the ability to service contracts throughout the UK.

Our general manager John Barclay has worked in the industry for over 25 years and has vast experience in every aspect of the pest control business. He currently carries out routine pest control lectures at St. John's Hospital in Livingston for the Royal Environmental Health Institute of Scotland.

All our technicians are trained to British Pest Control Association standards and are current members of BASIS PROMPT to ahcieve this registration each technician must achieve a minimum of 20 points per annum, these standards are kept high by continious training on pest control matters.


The current list of services provided by Excel Environmental are listed below, if there is a service missing from our list that your require let us know by contacting us.

> Bird Control (feral pigeons, seagulls, starlings etc)
> Bird Fouling (removal and cleaning works both internal & external)
> Cleaning of bodily fluids
> Collection & disposal of discarded hypodermic syringes
> Germ-O-Kill (Ultraviolet Air Sterilisation System)
> Gutter & roof cleaning works
> House cleaning & sanitation
> House clearouts
> Insect control
> Kitchen cleaning
> Micro-spray (digital deodoriser)
> Mole control
> Rat & mouse control
> Rabbit control
> Squirrel control
> Supply & installation of fly screens
> Supply & service of electronic fly killer units


The threat from birds.
Many companies do not realise the problems caused by birds to their property and overall business. The accumulations of bird droppings can, for example, pose a risk to public safety and health, hygiene standards may be compromised in food premises, and paths and walkways may become slippery and unsafe.
The species that most frequently cause problems are feral pigeons, house sparrows, and starlings. Nest materials and other debris collected by the birds may block rainwater drainage systems and can encourage infestations of insects and mites.

Bed Bugs bite back!

The infamous bed bug (Cimex lectularis) is making a comeback into our homes. From birth to death each bed bug require a meal of human blood and when you sleep at night then they are on the move. They have become pretty difficult to eradicate and only a pest control professional will be able to totally eliminate them from your home.

Mice on the move!

In the winter months there is always an increase in mice in domestic and business premises. They find our dry, heated buildings the ideal shelter from the cold and rain and once they gain entry, they are reluctant to leave. Damaging property and contaminating foodstuffs it is imperative you call on the services of a pest control expert to remove them and stop them returning.


Thanks to all at Excel for continuous support,especially Ian Wright.


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